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Annecy, the city where life is good!

For the second year in a row, Annecy has been recognised as the best place to live in France.

Ranking carried out on 500 cities (the 2nd being Bayonne)

Also called the "pearl of the Alps" or "Venice of the Alps", because it is crossed by the Thiou. So many words to describe such a magnificent region.

Renowned worldwide for its tourist appeal, quality of life and surrounding mountains, Annecy is a tourist town that has preserved its charm and authenticity to the delight of holidaymakers.

Perched at an altitude of 446 metres, Lake Annecy is the second largest natural lake in France

A marina, beaches and numerous walks and parks (Pâquier, Albigny, Marquisats, Jardins de l'Europe) occupy the shores of the lake.

Very much linked to water, a natural rampart, a natural resource and a work force, Annecy has been shaped by water and its urbanism is a testimony to this. The old town with its traboules, its old prisons, hidden passages and tangled houses are characteristic. The medieval arteries (Porte Sainte Claire, Porte and Côte Perrière) still frame the old town from the rest of the agglomeration.

Lake Annecy is known as the purest lake in Europe, with turquoise water. The water of Lake Annecy, which can reach 26°C in summer, is a delight for bathers who can also enjoy all kinds of water sports: sailing, water skiing, windsurfing, boat hire, diving, etc.

The lake can also be discovered on a cruise. There are many themed tours or meals on board, or omnibus tours to visit the lake's ports. These are open to yachting and offer boat hire.

Annecy is a real tourist jewel. The Thiou, the natural spillway of the lake, crosses the entire town. In the town centre, the quays and numerous bridges stand alongside churches and narrow streets.  Overlooking the town, the Annecy castle-museum, a former court residence, duchy seat, then barracks, was transformed into a regional and naturalist museum in 1842.

Lake Annecy has 20 species of fish, including Arctic char and féra, which can be found on restaurant menus. Five Michelin 2021 starred restaurants are located in Annecy or around Lake Annecy:

 Vincent Favre Felix in Annecy le Vieux,

La Rotonde des Trésoms in Annecy, Le Clos des Sens*** in Annecy-le-Vieux, Yoann Conte** in Veyrier-du-Lac. As for the famous Auberge du Père Bise** in Talloires, it is now in the hands of chef Jean Sulpice.

Annecy is also famous for its paintings from the 15th century. In the 18th and 19th centuries, the influence of the Romantics and Realists, and their veneration of the mountains, attracted many artists to Annecy. Most of the representations of Lake Annecy come from landscape painters.

A must-see! The gardens of Europe, the Pont des Amours bridge over the Vassé canal, the Avenue d'Albigny lined with plane trees and the Champ de Mars are wonderful places to relax.

For your next stay in Annecy, a multitude of accommodations are available:

Hotels, AirBnb and especially campsites, very present around Lake Annecy.


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