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Coal Mountain (Montagne du Charbon)

Departure : Saury

Distance to the campsite : 5 min by car

Duration : About 3h30

Difference in altitude : 1050 meters

Altitude : 1591 meters

Characteristics : Hikes with many starting points depending on the hiker.

Magnificent view from the Croix du Roy

By car, from the campsite Verger Fleuri in Lathuile, take the road above the church. Go straight on, through the village of Saury.

You will arrive at a gravel car park. The start of the hike will be on your left.

The light that you can see glittering on this mountain from the campsite is the Croix du Roy!

That's where the wonderful view of the lake is!

From the car park take the path on the left. Follow the path. This is indicated with several signs and arrows along the way.

First, you will arrive at the refuge de la combe. This refuge offers you

A restaurant serving Savoyard specialities made directly on the spot with milk from the mountain cows.

It is possible to continue to the Croix du Roy, then on the plateau to the Chalets du charbon, du Rosay and du Planay.

You can either make a loop by going back down through the Combe d'Ire towards Chevaline or turn around and return to the original car park.

Warning: you may encounter patous (mountain dog) to watch over and protect the herds from predators. It is therefore important not to get too close to the herds and not to be afraid! They are friendly dogs as long as they don't sense any danger.


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