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Le Grau du Roi

Charming getaway on the Mediterranean coast

Le Grau du Roi is a must-see destination for nature and wildlife lovers. When you arrive here, the first wonder that jumps out at you is certainly the pink flamingos, these graceful birds that inhabit the marshes of the region.

Their bright pink feathers, long graceful necks and heads adorned with small black dots make them fascinating and emblematic creatures of the Camargue. If you're lucky, you may even catch a glimpse of one of these birds bathing or feeding in the shallow waters of the marshes.

But pink flamingos are not the only wonders you can discover in Grau du Roi. Don't forget to take the time to admire the Camargue horses, these magnificent equines that are the pride of the region. These horses are renowned for their robustness and agility, and are often used for horseback riding in the marshes. If you have the opportunity, don't hesitate to saddle up and explore the area on the back of these beautiful animals.

In summary, the pink flamingos and the Camargue horses are two wonders not to be missed during your visit to Grau du Roi. Don't forget to take the time to admire and appreciate them in all their splendor.

It all starts with a question:

Right bank or left bank?

Right Bank:

This side is a little away from the center and the shops. You will find there nevertheless medium-sized stores (Super U, Lidl), a DIY store (Weldom), direct sale of fish, some shops and restaurants (we advise you: Le vivier).

Then the quays with its restaurants and especially the old lighthouse recently restored. Direct access to the beach of Boucanet.

You can reach the right bank by the swing bridge.

The markets:

The market of local products, Shopping Center of Boucanet, rue des Pétunias, "next to the Cinema" Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning.

Left bank :

This is the most commercial part of Grau du Roi

In addition to the quays with many restaurants in front of the port and some various stores, you will find several pedestrian lanes with many shops.

Also the post office, the town hall and large parking lots.

The markets:

The big market, Place de la République Every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday morning. 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. The farmers' market & Bio, Parvis de la Mairie, . Fridays mornings. 8:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m./2:00 p.m. depending on the season. The fish market, Quai Colbert, left bank, on the quays, Stalls of fishermen who offer the product of their fishing. Every morning during the week.

The must-haves:

Avenue du palais de la mer

2,400m² dedicated to marine life

In the respect of the values of a committed aquarium

Route de l'Espiguette

10 kms of beach

and fine sand, dunes and clear water

On the way to the beach of Espiguette

you pass by the Mediterranean house.

A real discovery and an incomparable choice of regional products: wines, olive oils, cosmetics, handicrafts, ...

A small visit is necessary!

And of course:

4x4 safaris, electric bike rental, horseback riding, the first marina in Europe: Port Camargue

Don't forget to visit Aigues Mortes, the neighboring town which is really worth a visit, with its 13th century ramparts, its small pedestrian streets with beautiful shops and small restaurants.

On the road, you will see on your right, mountains of salt: the salt pans of the South

In Aigues mortes, embark on a boat cruise

We tried the barge cruise with a Camargue evening at the Mas de la Contesse

Super Gypsy atmosphere, various demonstrations, games of guardians, Abrivado, ...

and traditional meal (guardianne de taureau, fougasse)

More infos : OT of Grau du Roi

For your accommodation, we suggest you to be a little away from the crowd by choosing the pond of Salonique and its walks. Relaxation guaranteed at the Rives du Lac

A little history

The Grau du Roi Port Camargue is a unique place, located between the sand and the water. It is here that a pond of marine origin is formed, which also receives fresh water from the interior. Over time, a passage was created between the pond and the sea, allowing communication between the two. This opening, called a Grau in Occitan, was created in the 13th century.

The Grau du Roi is therefore a place that has seen history unfold before its eyes. Since its creation, it has been the place of passage of many ships, which have contributed to its development. Today, it is a very popular marina, where you can enjoy the sea and the pond while taking advantage of all the amenities of the city. There are many restaurants, bars and hotels, as well as water sports and leisure activities for all ages.

In short, the Grau du Roi Port Camargue is a place of passage, between the sea and the pond, between sand and water. It is a place where history blends with modernity, and where you can enjoy all that nature has to offer. Lire la suite ...

5 good reasons to go on vacation to Grau du Roi and Port Camargue

  1. Fine sandy beaches and turquoise sea: Le Grau du Roi and Port Camargue are known for their beautiful fine sandy beaches and clear turquoise water. It is the perfect place to relax and enjoy a vacation by the sea.

  2. A pleasant climate: The region of Grau du Roi and Port Camargue enjoys a mild and sunny climate all year round, which makes it an ideal destination for vacations.

  3. Outdoor activities: The region is rich in outdoor activities such as scuba diving, sailing, kayaking and hiking. It is the ideal place for sports and nature lovers.

  4. Quality restaurants and bars: Le Grau du Roi and Port Camargue are known for their quality culinary scene with many restaurants and bars offering traditional and international cuisine. We advise you to LE VIVIER, our favorite restaurant in Grau du Roi. Home-made cooking and very nice welcome. Go there on behalf of Pascale and Philippe (remember to reserve at +33 466532336)

  5. Interesting tourist attractions: The area also offers many interesting tourist attractions such as the Pont de Gau Ornithological Park, the Mediterranean Lighthouse and the Cité de la Mer. It is the perfect place for a family vacation.

Let's Grau !


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