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8 million views on Google !

To start, we wanted to thank you and celebrate the 8 millions of our contributions that have been seen on Google Maps (as of 1 May 2024).

Our photos have also received over 7 million views!

Niveau 8 Google
Local guide

We are currently Google Local Guide Level 8 (out of 10).

You can see our reviews, our photos, and above all, don't hesitate to follow us by clicking on the Follow button.

A big thank you to everyone who follows us and appreciates our reviews of the various sites, restaurants, parks, etc. that we enjoy (or don't).

🌟 Check out our "Local Guide" page on Google!🌍✨

Are you passionate about exploring your city, region, country, etc.? Do you enjoy discovering hidden gems, trendy places or delicious restaurants?

We share with you our love for our community as a "Level 8 Local Guide" on Google.🗺️💡

🔍 On our page you will find :

  • Detailed reviews of must-see places.

  • Exclusive recommendations for unique experiences.

  • Photos and anecdotes to inspire you.

Your contribution counts! Visit our page, share your own experiences and help other explorers discover the best nuggets in your region. 🌟

Join us on this exciting adventure to highlight the treasures of our community! 🎉🔍

Click here to discover our "Local Guide" page on Google

Thank you for your support and sharing! Together, let's make the world shine.🌟🗺️✨

Our goal is to pass 8 Million by 2024. We're counting on you to subscribe to our dedicated page (key Follow).

In case you don't use Google maps yet ???

Discover the World at your fingertips with Google Maps

Have you ever dreamed of exploring the streets of Tokyo, discovering the hidden secrets of Paris or planning your next road-trip through the picturesque landscapes of Europe without leaving the comfort of your own home? With Google Maps, this virtual world is just a click away.

Google Maps, the flagship application developed by the technology giant, is much more than just an online map. It offers a host of exciting features, revolutionising the way we explore and navigate the world around us.

Explore and Plan without Limits

Google Maps makes exploring the world an immersive experience. You can zoom in from a captivating satellite view to detailed street maps, allowing you to visualise places across the globe with incredible precision.

The journey planning tool is a real asset. Whether you're planning an itinerary for your next trip or just your daily commute, Google Maps guides you with multiple options, whether by car, public transport, on foot or by bike. Get real-time traffic information, public transport timetables and even suggestions for alternative routes to avoid traffic jams.

Discover Cult and Unusual Places

But Google Maps isn't just about navigation. You can also discover iconic places, trendy restaurants, picturesque parks and much more. The reviews and photos shared by the community provide an authentic insight into the places you want to explore, so you can make informed decisions about where to go.

What's more, the integration of Google Street View literally transports you to the heart of the streets, giving you an immersive perspective as if you were there. It's a real opportunity to discover different cultures and environments, all from the comfort of your screen.

Your Personal Guide, Everywhere and All the Time

Whether you're on the move or planning your next adventure, Google Maps is your ideal travel companion. With an easy-to-use mobile application, you can access your maps and routes even when offline, keeping you connected wherever you are, whether in the heart of a bustling metropolis or in the middle of nowhere.

In short, Google Maps is revolutionising the way we perceive and explore the world around us. This versatile application combines precise mapping, intelligent planning and a wealth of information to give you a navigation experience like no other.

Get ready to discover the world through a new lens, thanks to Google Maps, your digital passport to global exploration.

You too can become a Google Local Guide by clicking here.


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