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Parque da Mina - Monchique

Entrée du parc

An Adventure in the Heart of Nature

Welcome to Parque da Mina, a true gem nestled in the green hills of Monchique. This enchanting place offers a unique experience, blending natural beauty, family fun and warm hospitality.

Fascinating Museum : Immerse yourself in local history

The Parque da Mina houses a fascinating museum in a building over 300 years old, immersing visitors in Monchique's local history.

Explore this 17th-century manor house and discover the traditions of the Serra de Monchique, such as grocery shopping, shoemaking, carpentry, dressmaking, medronho distilling, agriculture, bread and honey production, ore extraction and charcoal-making.

Relive the past of a few hundred years with an intense educational approach, easily understood thanks to an almost direct immersion in the lifestyles of different eras. This house museum is presented not simply as a museum, but rather as an inhabitable residence where every detail is arranged as if the family were still living there, recreating the atmosphere of over 50 years ago.

Farm Animals: A Pleasant Encounter

Parque da Mina is home to a variety of farm animals, offering visitors the chance to meet adorable creatures and discover local farming life. From mischievous goats to colorful chickens, pigs, ponies and more, every corner of the park holds surprises for animal lovers.

Picnic area: Enjoy nature

After exploring the park's winding trails, relax in the specially designed picnic area. Surrounded by lush nature, it's the ideal place to picnic in the open air while enjoying the peaceful atmosphere of Parque da Mina.

Hall Rental: Unforgettable Events

Whether you're planning a picturesque wedding, a party with DJs or musicians, or a family reunion, Parque da Mina offers a venue suitable for all occasions. Take advantage of the rustic ambience and let yourself be seduced by the exceptional setting to make your event an unforgettable moment.

Fully equipped kitchens are also available, along with tables, chairs and even a podium.

Cascade Majestueuse: Nature on Show

One of the centerpieces of the park is the majestic waterfall, which offers an impressive spectacle. Marvel at the natural beauty, breathe in the fresh air and let the soothing sound of the water create a relaxing ambience. 2 suspended walkways take you over the water.

Unusual accommodations

The park has recently installed teepee-shaped tents, so you can stay in the middle of nature (minimum 2 nights). An atypical and original experience.

Separate WC available.


An illusions area with a mirror maze and a trompe l'oeil photo booth amuses young and old alike.

Personal welcome: Authentic hospitality

A dedicated team welcomes you with warm smiles and an obvious passion for sharing this exceptional place. From expert guides to attentive staff members, every encounter at Parque da Mina is an opportunity to experience true Portuguese hospitality. A tasting of the local Aguardente is truly appreciated.

Come and discover the Parque da Mina in Monchique, where nature meets conviviality to create an unforgettable experience for the whole family. An unspoilt sanctuary where every corner reveals a new facet of the region's beauty and diversity.

Parc Mina 

Site de la Vale de Boi, CCI 171

Caldas de Monchique

8550-391 Monchique

Tél : +351 282 096 657

Tél : +351 962 079 408

Don't hesitate to make a reservation with Pascale and Philippe,

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