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Restaurant La Gaia by Oscar Molina

To celebrate our 40 years of marriage, we decided to go to Ibiza to spend our anniversary evening in the only Michelin starred restaurant in Ibiza town.

Discover the exceptional dining experience of La Gaia d'Oscar Molina in Ibiza< /p>

Welcome to the gastronomic world of La Gaia by Oscar Molina, an exceptional restaurant located on the enchanting island of Ibiza. With its elegant and refined atmosphere, its creative cuisine and its passionate team, La Gaia offers an unforgettable culinary experience

La Gaia by Oscar Molina is an emblematic restaurant.

Nestled in the Ibiza Gran Hotel, this restaurant offers a unique dining experience, blending Japanese cuisine with Mediterranean influences.

You can also check their official website to get more information about the restaurant, including reservations and available menus.

The chef of La Gaia is Oscar Molina, a talented chef with a proven track record in the culinary world. With a passion for bold flavors and innovative cooking techniques, Molina has managed to create a unique and captivating concept at La Gaia.

When you enter the restaurant, you will immediately be seduced by its elegant and contemporary atmosphere. Warm tones and soft lighting create an intimate and cozy atmosphere perfect for a special evening or a romantic dinner.

La Gaia's menu is a true ode to culinary fusion. The chef uses fresh, quality ingredients to create dishes that skilfully blend Japanese and Mediterranean culinary traditions. Sushi and sashimi are prepared with meticulous precision, bringing out the subtle flavors of fresh fish. We chose the Tanins menu.

What really sets La Gaia apart are the unique fusion dishes that are on offer. You can taste incredible dishes like sushi with foie gras or sashimi accompanied by a sauce made from tomato and basil. These bold and innovative combinations add a new dimension to the culinary experience, blending the aromas and textures of different gastronomic traditions.

La Gaia also offers a selection of hot dishes that are sure to delight your taste buds. Dishes such as grilled wagyu beef with citrus teriyaki sauce or seasonal vegetable tempuras will give you an explosion of flavors and an unforgettable taste experience.

The service at La Gaia is on par with the culinary excellence on offer. The staff are attentive and professional, ready to guide you through the menu and answer any questions you may have. They are also skilled in recommending food and wine pairings. We had the privilege of having service in French, which greatly facilitated the understanding of each dish.

To accompany your meal, La Gaia offers an impressive selection of wines, carefully chosen to complement the flavors of the dishes. From local wines to international grands crus, you will certainly find the perfect bottle to complement your meal and enhance its flavors. We chose the food/wine pairing option with a choice of 7 different glasses of regional wines.

When it comes to dessert, La Gaia does not disappoint. Chef Molina offers sweet creations that reflect his creativity and talent. From traditional Japanese desserts revisited to fusion creations, every bite is a true delight for the taste buds. You can enjoy dishes such as mango mochi, matcha crème brûlée or original sushi desserts.

The chef came to greet us and we had the privilege of ending the meal with a glass of Champagne offered for the occasion

If you are spending a few days in Ibiza, treat yourself to this fabulous culinary experience and do not hesitate to book!

We can't wait to go back to taste their new menu: the Posidonia


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