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Save the sea turtles

Sea turtles face a number of threats:

  • Confusing plastic bags with jellyfish can lead to suffocation, while other marine objects can cause intestinal obstructions.

  • They risk becoming entangled in abandoned nets or nets designed to catch other species, damaging their fins, a phenomenon known as entanglement.

  • Exposure to chemicals such as petroleum or tar can be extremely toxic if they enter a turtle's eyes, mouth or lungs.

  • Collisions with boat propellers can cause serious damage to their shells, fins, heads and even their internal organs.

  • Fibropapillomatosis, a virus that is widespread in sea turtles, manifests itself as soft tissue tumours. When it reaches the eyes, it can blind turtles, preventing them from perceiving danger or finding food.

Welcome to the Turtle Hospital in Marathon, Florida!

During our trip to Florida, we absolutely had to visit the Turtle Hospital, the world's leading infirmary for injured or sick sea turtles.

Located in the heart of the splendid town of Marathon, the Turtle Hospital is much more than a care facility for these fascinating creatures. It is a sanctuary dedicated to the protection, healing and preservation of sea turtles, which are essential to the region's marine ecosystem.

Commitment to sea turtles

Their primary mission is to rescue, care for and rehabilitate sick, injured or distressed sea turtles. They welcome all species of sea turtle, from the majestic leatherback to the delicate hawksbill.

An overview of their services

  • Advanced Medical Care: Dedicated team of vets and specialist carers offer comprehensive medical care, from surgery to rehabilitation to ensure turtles' optimal recovery.

  • Education and Awareness: Public education. The hospital offers interactive programmes and guided tours to educate visitors about the crucial importance of preserving sea turtles.

  • Research and Conservation: In addition to their healing efforts, the carers engage in research to understand the threats facing sea turtles and to promote their long-term conservation.

Since 2004, this veterinary clinic has been open to the public for an admission fee of $22 per adult. This offer includes a guided educational tour of the hospital facilities, as well as the sea turtle rehabilitation area. This immersive experience lasts 90 minutes and includes a detailed presentation on the five species of turtle that exist, their behaviour and diet, and the threats they face from pollution (particularly litter). Behind-the-scenes footage of their arrival, their rehabilitation process, and their release into specific areas with monitoring in the world's oceans are also included.

The Impact

Since opening, they have contributed to the recovery and release of hundreds of sea turtles. Every turtle saved is a victory for marine biodiversity.

How you can help

Your support is essential if they are to continue their mission. Whether through donations, volunteering or simply sharing their story, every gesture counts in their fight to preserve sea turtles.

Come and visit them!

If you're passing through Marathon, we invite you to come and discover the turtle hospital. It's the perfect opportunity to learn more about these remarkable creatures and to support their worthy cause.

At Turtle Hospital in Marathon, the team is dedicated to giving sea turtles a second chance. Join them in their commitment to a future where these wonderful creatures continue to thrive in our oceans.

The Turtle Hospital 2396 Overseas Highway Marathon, FL, 33050

Email :

Our participation

We have 'adopted' one of these creatures.

Her name is OLIVIA and she lives peacefully in the waters off Florida.

It was caught in a fishing net and had a large tumour.

After treatment, she regained her freedom on 23 July 2021.

Thanks to her GPS bracelet, we can track her every day to find out where she is.


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