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The Mont Veyrier

Departure : Col des Contrebandiers or small port of Annecy

Distance to the campsite : 30 minutes by car

Duration : From 45 minutes to 2 hours on average

Difference in altitude: 200 or 700 metres

Altitude: 1291 metres

Characteristics : Hikes with many starting points depending on the hiker.

Magnificent views from the plateau.

By car, from the campsite Verger Fleuri in Lathuile, take the north shore of Lake Annecy. In the direction of Talloires.

Col des Contrebandiers: take the Aravis road to Annecy le Vieux at the place called "Sur les bois", then follow the signs.

Petit port d'Annecy: From the north shore, the start of the from the north shore, the start of the hike is located in the car park behind the pizzeria at the entrance of Annecy.

In 1934, a cable car was built between the town of Veyrier and the summit of Mont Veyrier. It carried up to 69,000 passengers in its best years. It was discontinued a few years ago because the costs of bringing it up to standard were becoming too high.

More commonly, departures are from the small port of Annecy. A steeper path to be completed in 1h30 for the ascent. The positive difference in altitude is about 700 metres.

The departure from the Col des Contrebandiers (opposite side) allows you to shorten the walk. Indeed the departure is at a higher altitude, which reduces the positive difference in height with the summit (approximately 200 meters). This hike takes about 1 hour round trip. It is more suitable for children.

The two trails will take you on the tracks of the old cable car!



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