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The nature reserve at the end of the lake

Departure : Verthier - Commune de Doussard

Distance to the campsite : 5 Minutes by car

Duration : 1 hour

Difference in altitude : 0 meter

Altitude : 480 meters

Characteristics : Family walk in the reeds at the edge of the sources of Lake Annecy

From the campsite Verger Fleuri in Lathuile, take the D1508 road towards Albertville. Make a U-turn at the roundabout and turn right after the "SNC" shop. The car park is 200 metres further on the left.

The national nature reserve at the end of Lake Annecy is a wet forest of 84.5 hectares.

It is crossed by the two rivers that feed Lake Annecy: the Eau morte and the Ire.

Due to its humidity and its protected area, the reserve is an ideal living environment for many species.

Departure is from the car park. The reserve offers a looping route.

It is a discovery trail full of explanations for young and old.

The species and their living environment are explained as well as the plants.

The route is equipped and part of it is accessible to people with reduced mobility.

It is a calm and silent place, dogs are not allowed, even on a leash.

In the middle of the loop is the old watchtower which can be visited.


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