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If you are a travel and tourism professional in France or Portugal, we have an offer for you!

Our blog takes you to the most beautiful places in France, such as Annecy, le Grau du Roi, Saint Cyprien, and also to the Portugal, especially the Algarve and Albufeira.

We've created exclusive posts on these incredible destinations to offer insight into the most popular activities, attractions, accommodations and restaurants.

Each post is filled with practical information and tips to help readers plan their trip.

In addition to our posts, we have also included photos and videos to bring the experience of these destinations to their screens. They can discover the natural beauty, culture and gastronomy of each place without even being there.

So don't miss this opportunity to showcase your business by inserting a post or simply a link to your establishment.

Visit our blog now to see our travel post creations!

Our rates :

Link to your site (1 year)

50 €*

Link to your site (unlimited)

100 €*

Creation of a dedicated post

350 €**

* + 1 benefit for 2 people per year in the form of a gift voucher or cash value

** A visit of 2 people will be made in order to feed the post with text and photos. The costs will be at your charge

*Gift certificates will be offered to our customers during contests promoting your establishment. Feel free to offer more!

Our commitments :

ATTENTION ! In order to guarantee the accuracy of our blog posts, we perform a test of your establishment or services. This allows us to verify the information, texts, photos, etc.

Our goal is to be impartial and to reflect reality accurately.

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