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Hiking in the Algarve

The Algarve is a region known for its beaches, but it also offers beautiful hikes with varied landscapes ranging from cliffs to mountains.

Here are some popular hikes in the Algarve, with approximate elevation changes and distances:

The Seven Hanging Valleys Hike is an emblematic hike in the Algarve. It is considered one of the most beautiful hikes in the region because of its breathtaking scenery and cultural richness. The trail is 12 km long and offers spectacular views of the cliffs, beaches and caves of the coast.

The starting point of the hike is Praia da Marinha, a beach known for its spectacular rock formations and crystal clear water. The trail then follows the coast westward, crossing green valleys and steep cliffs, before ending at Benagil beach, famous for its sea cave.

The hike has a difference in altitude of about 200 meters, but it is accessible to all levels of hikers, even beginners. It can be covered in about 3 hours, but it is advisable to allow half a day to fully enjoy the sites and landscapes.

Sites to see on this hike include the beaches of Praia da Marinha, Praia de Albandeira and Praia do Carvalho, as well as the marine caves of Benagil. The hanging valleys that give the hike its name also offer breathtaking views of the coast and the ocean.

To prepare for this hike, it is advisable to consult the website of the Algarve Tourist Office (, which offers detailed information on the hiking trails in the region. Contact information for the various sites to see is also available on this site, as well as useful information on transportation, accommodations and restaurants.

It is also recommended that you wear comfortable hiking shoes, a hat and sunscreen, as much of the hiking is done in the sun. It is also advisable to bring water and a snack to refuel along the way.

The Serra de Monchique hike is a unique experience that will allow you to discover the beautiful mountains of Monchique. This 10 km hike is ideal for hiking enthusiasts who want to explore the natural beauty of the area.

The starting point of this hike is at the top of the mountain, at an altitude of 500 meters. You can get there by car or cab. You can also reach the starting point by bus, using the regular line that connects the city of Monchique to the top of the mountain.

Before going on a hike, it is important to be well prepared. Make sure you have comfortable hiking shoes, a backpack with water and food, and clothes that are appropriate for the weather. The hike can take anywhere from 3 to 4 hours, so make sure you have enough time to enjoy the experience.

The Serra de Monchique hiking website will provide you with all the information you need to plan your hike. You will find maps, practical tips, information on points of interest and recommendations for beginners.

The exact starting point of the hike is at Alto da Foia, at the top of the mountain. You can leave your car or cab there and start your hike by following the signs for the trail.

The Serra de Monchique hike will take you through beautiful landscapes, dense forests, streams and waterfalls. You can also enjoy spectacular views of the Algarve coast and the west coast of Portugal.

All in all, the Serra de Monchique hike is an unforgettable experience for hiking enthusiasts who want to discover the natural beauty of the area. Be sure to prepare well before you go hiking, and enjoy this wonderful experience in the mountains of Monchique.

The Ria Formosa hike is a unique experience through a protected nature reserve. This 11 km hike has a low elevation gain of only 20 meters, making it accessible to all levels of hikers.

The starting point of the hike is at Quinta do Lago, a luxury resort located about 20 km from Faro. The route follows a well-marked path along the coast, crossing sand dunes, salt marshes, wetlands and lagoons.

The website of the Algarve Tourist Office offers useful information for preparing your hike, including weather conditions, safety rules and detailed maps of the route.

It is important to note that the Ria Formosa hike is located in a protected nature reserve, so it is strictly forbidden to leave the marked trails or disturb the local fauna and flora.

The finish point of the hike is at Faro beach, a beautiful sandy beach with a breathtaking view of the Atlantic Ocean. It is an ideal place to relax after the hike and enjoy the sun and sea.

There are many useful websites for planning hikes in the Algarve, including: - a Portuguese language website offering information on hiking trails in the Algarve. - a website in English offering hiking routes, maps and photos.

Hiking from Falésia is a must for nature lovers and hikers. Located in the south of Portugal, Falésia is a white sand beach bordered by spectacular red cliffs. The hike will allow you to discover the surroundings and enjoy beautiful panoramic views of the Algarve coast.

Website: There are many websites that provide information about hiking in Falésia, including distances, difficulties and estimated times. Among them is the Wikiloc website, which offers a detailed map of the hike and comments from people who have already done the route.

Practical information: The Falésia hike is easily accessible from the city of Albufeira, located about 10 km away. To reach the starting point of the hike, you can take a cab or rent a car. It is also possible to park near the beach and walk to the trail. The hike is open all year round, but it is recommended to do it during the cooler months of the year, from October to April.

Falesia beach has been elected among the most beautiful beaches in the world

(Tripadvisor 2022)

Start of the hike

Exact starting and ending point: The starting point of the hike is near the parking lot of the beach of Falésia. The trail follows the cliff. You can go down to the beach from the first wooden staircase, but it is a bit short. Prefer the 2nd staircase

staircase a little further.

Return by the beach to the wooden stairs that go back to the parking.

Here are some useful contact details to find information about hiking in the Algarve:

Algarve Tourist Office: +351 289 800 400

Ria Formosa Natural Park: +351 289 840 019

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To fully enjoy your hike in the Algarve, don't forget to wear appropriate hiking shoes, to hydrate regularly and to respect nature by taking all your waste with you.


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