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Exchange your home

During our various trips, we have already visited Florida, Italy, Spain, Corsica, Portugal, etc... without spending a single euro on accommodation!

Some of our destinations with Home Exchange

How is this possible?

Thanks to our home exchange system called HOME EXCHANGE. We have already made almost 40 exchanges.

If you wish to receive guests in your main or secondary residence, you just have to register for free on the platform Home Exchange

You will then receive your first GuestPoints thanks to our sponsorship.

You can already use them to spend a weekend with a FREE rental!

You don't want to receive guests at your home, but you have a second home or a property to rent? Great!

Just put your availability on the calendar when you are not occupying your property or when there is no rental planned.

You are free to accept or refuse all exchange requests.

In addition, each host is rated, which gives you an extra measure of security.

We are proud to have a rating of 4.9/5.

How does it work?

Through the unique GuestPoints system, you have the ability to make exchanges using either a reciprocal or non-reciprocal model.

In a reciprocal exchange, you host your guest in your home while they host you in theirs during your stay. This exchange can be simultaneous or non-simultaneous depending on the dates you have agreed upon.

On the other hand, in a non-reciprocal exchange, if your guest is not interested in your accommodation, you can offer them a certain number of GuestPoints per night in exchange for hosting them. This type of exchange allows you to choose to be either a host or a guest.

To facilitate the transaction, each accommodation has a value in GuestPoints per night which is automatically calculated according to several criteria at the time of its creation.

How does the process work?

Once you have found a house you are interested in, click on "contact" to start the exchange. A window will appear where you can write your first message and fill in the first details, such as the date, number of travelers and type of exchange. You can change these details at any time during the conversation. Once all the details are confirmed, such as the handover and arrival and departure dates, you can pre-approve and finalize the exchange, making it official.

Damage coverage:

Home Exchange offers property damage insurance up to approximately €880,000, after deducting the deductible

What are you waiting for?

  • No risk

  • Free rentals

  • Insurance included

Over 100,000 members already registered in 133 countries


You will receive your first 250 GuestPoints for free


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